ATV Engine Parts Bore 90mm TRX450 Foreman Cylinder Kit Piston Pin Ring Gasket For HONDA TRX 450 1998-2004

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We are offering a complete top end kit.
Engineered and tested to meet or exceed original equipment standards and performance.
Our gaskets are all top quality and will keep a perfect seal between all of the components.
The cylinder is cleaned, bored and honed to the specific clearances for the piston you receive in the kit.
This kit includes a cylinder, piston, piston rings, piston pin, piston pin clip and gaskets.
Kit is for standard bore size – 90mm.

Product Name: TRX450 Cylinder Kit
Material: Aluminum
Bore Size: 90mm
Cylinder OEM No.: 12100-HN0-A00
Cylinder Gasket OEM No.: 12191-HM7-013
Cylinder Head Gasket OEM No.: 12251-HN0-670
Piston OEM No.: 13101-HN0-A00
Piston Pin OEM No.: 13111-HN0-A00
Piston Pin Clip OEM No.: 13112-MAT-000
Piston Ring Set OEM No.: 13010-HN0-A01
Weight: 2449g

Applicable Models:
TRX450 FOREMAN 4X4 1998-2004
TRX450 FOREMAN 4X4 ES 1998-2004

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