CFMoto Parts CF500 Ignition Coil CF MOTO ATV UTV Quad Engine Spare Parts Nihao Motor

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CF125cc to CF250cc Ignition Coil, It works on other motors as long as your original coil has same wiring style. This coil will eliminate spark plug fouling, decrease hard starting, increase acceleration, increase fuel mileage, and decrease hesitation.It is the cheapest and easiest to install performance upgrade for your scooter. These will only boost performance if your engine and transmission are operating up to peak already. We would recommend also buying a high performance ignition CDI.

CF Moto listed part number is 0180-152000 with old part number listed as CF188-152000

This may fits

ATV 2010 CF500 X5
ATV 2011 CF500 X5
ATV 2012 CF500 X5
ATV 2013 CF500 X5
ATV 2014 CF500 X5
ATV 2015 CF500 X5
ATV 2016 CF500 X5
ATV 2010 CF500-2 X5
ATV 2011 CF500-2 X5
ATV 2012 CF500-2 X5
ATV 2013 CF500-2 X5
ATV 2014 CF500-2 X5
ATV 2015 CF500-2 X5
ATV 2016 CF500-2 X5
ATV 2010 CF500-2A X5
ATV 2011 CF500-2A X5
ATV 2012 CF500-2A X5
ATV 2013 CF500-2A X5
ATV 2014 CF500-2A X5
ATV 2015 CF500-2A X5
ATV 2016 CF500-2A X5
ATV 2010 CF500-5 X5
ATV 2011 CF500-5 X5
ATV 2012 CF500-5 X5
ATV 2013 CF500-5 X5
ATV 2014 CF500-5 X5
ATV 2015 CF500-5 X5
ATV 2016 CF500-5 X5
ATV 2017 CF500-5 X5
ATV 2018 CF500-5 X5
ATV 2010 CF500-5A X5
ATV 2011 CF500-5A X5
ATV 2012 CF500-5A X5
ATV 2013 CF500-5A X5
ATV 2014 CF500-5A X5
ATV 2015 CF500-5A X5
ATV 2016 CF500-5A X5
ATV 2017 CF500-5A X5
ATV 2018 CF500-5A X5
ATV 2019 CF500-5A X5
ATV 2010 CF500-A X5
ATV 2011 CF500-A X5
ATV 2012 CF500-A X5
ATV 2013 CF500-A X5
ATV 2014 CF500-A X5
ATV 2015 CF500-A X5
ATV 2016 CF500-A X5
ATV 2011 CF500-B X5
ATV 2011 CF500-C X5
ATV 2010 CF500-D X5
ATV 2011 CF500-D X5
ATV 2012 CF500-D X5
ATV 2013 CF500-D X5
ATV 2014 CF500-D X5
ATV 2015 CF500-D X5
ATV 2016 CF500-D X5
ATV 2010 CF500-E X5
ATV 2011 CF500-E X5
ATV 2012 CF500-E X5
ATV 2013 CF500-E X5
ATV 2014 CF500-E X5
ATV 2015 CF500-E X5
ATV 2016 CF500-E X5
ATV 2012 GOES500
ATV 2013 GOES500
ATV 2014 GOES500
ATV 2012 GOES500-A
ATV 2013 GOES500-A
ATV 2014 GOES500-A
UTV 2010 CF500-3 UForce 500 U5
UTV 2011 CF500-3 UForce 500 U5
UTV 2012 CF500-3 UForce 500 U5
UTV 2013 CF500-3 UForce 500 U5
UTV 2014 CF500-3 UForce 500 U5

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