CFMoto Parts CF500 Inlet Exhaust Valves CF MOTO ATV UTV Quad Engine Spare Parts Nihao Motor

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CF188-022004 0180-022004 Valve, Intake
CF188-022005 0180-022005 Valve, Exhaust
Length of valve – 92.6mm / 93mm
Diameter of valve – 5mm / 5mm
Bottom of Valve – 27mm / 30.6mm
This may fits

ATV CF500 X5 CF188
ATV CF500-2 X5 CF188
ATV CF500-2A X5 CF188
ATV CF500-5 X5 CF188
ATV CF500-5A X5 CF188
ATV CF500-5B X5 CF188-B
ATV CF500-5C X5 CF188-B
ATV CF500-A X5 CF188
ATV CF500-B X5 CF188
ATV CF500-C X5 CF188
ATV CF500-D X5 CF188
ATV CF500-E X5 CF188
UTV CF500-3 UForce 500 U5 CF188-A

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