Motorcycle Direction Handle Base Screw CNC Aluminum 7/8″ Handlebar Risers Mount Clamp TPU Bolts For HONDA CRF250X CRF450L

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This part is made of aluminum alloy CNC machining, and is installed on the upper direction connecting plate of the motorcycle to fix the steering handle.
Hardened treatment durable performance is long-lasting, and the paint type is not easy to fade.
Complete Upper Part Design, Let the rider have better posture and manipulation on the road.
Compact design, enhance the look of your motorcycle.

Suitable Models:
Hole spacing 106mm to install 7/8 inch 22mm diameter direction handle pipe

CR125R 00-07
CR250R 99-07
CRF250R 04-21
CRF250RX 19-21
CRF250X 04-17
CRF450R 02-20
CRF450RX 17-20
CRF450L 19-20
CRF450RL 21-22
CRF450X 05-17

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