Nihao Motor Dirt Bike Motorcycle Universal Accessories Tool Suspension Front Shock Absorber Support Fork Saver Protection

Limits pressure on the fork during transport, when the hydraulic seals of the suspension are under strain from the pressure exerted by tie-downs.
Is easily positioned by fastening and snapping it into place to the forks, between the front wheel and the front mudguard, making the dirt bike more stable.
Can be used for transport with a trailer, van or pick-up.
Includes bar ends and a wall guard cap, to prevent chafing between the bar and the sidewall of the van or walls and where bars come into contact with each other when transporting several motorcycles on the trailer.
The bar end can be used with or without the handguard closed.
Resistant and light.
Quick installation.

Product Name: Fork Saver
Material: Engineering Plastic PP
Color: Black/Orange
Size: 274*254mm
Hole Diameter: 34.5mm
Weight: 310g

Applicable Models: Universal Tool

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