Nihao Motor Motorcycle Motocross Dirt Bike Inner Tire Thicker 3mm 21 18 19 inch Butyl Rubber Thickening Inner Tube

Thicker 3mm, especially suitable for rally competition.
In complex road conditions such as landslides and mudslides, tire blowouts are commonplace, which has a great impact on the performance of the drivers, and even made us regret to be out.
This thickening inner tube use high quality butyl rubber, it is twice the thickness of ordinary inner tube, three specifications, welcome to buy!

Product Name: Thickening Inner Tube
Material: Butyl Rubber
Weight: 21″:980g 18″:1048g 19″:1368g
Thickness: 3mm
Optional Status: 21″/18″/19″

Applicable Model: Universal

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