Nihao Motor Motorcycle Universal Tool Wheel Rim Balance Adjustment Stand Foldable Wheel Balcncer With Dial Indicator

A folding stand that makes it easy to adjust wheel runnout, balance, and check bearings all in one unit.
It is useful not only for maintenance of laced wheels, but also for restoring old bikes and reassembling rims of other models.
Rim sizes up to 23 inches and rim widths up to 5 inches can be used.
Compatible with wheel bearings with an inner diameter of 15 mm or more.
Wheel balance adjustment is available up to 21 inches.
One set contains: 1?? wheel balance adjustment stand, 1?? magnetic base, 1?? dial indicator. If you only need a part of it, contact us!

Condition: 100% Brand New
Material: Aluminum Alloy&Steel

Applicable Models: Universal Tool

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