Nihao Motor Off-road Motorcycle Universal Motocross Dirt Bike 15-37mm Exhaust Pipe Plug Waterproof Exhaust Wash Plug

It can reduce the noise when riding a motorcycle, allowing you to better enjoy the fun of high-speed travel.
Keeps water and moisture and foreign objects in your exhaust.
Prevents moisture in the pipe as it cools and condensation in the pipe during storage.
Seals the exhaust while washing your ATV or motorcycle.
We have three sizes of 15-37mm, 28-47mm, 33-61mm.
The price quoted is 15-37mm.

Product Name: Exhaust Wash Waterproof Plug
Material: Rubber
Optional Size: 15-37mm/28-47mm/33-61mm
Optional Color: Red/Orange/Yellow/Green/Blue/Black

Applicable Models: Universal Tool

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