Sur ron Electric Dirt Bike Accessories Surron Parts Light Bee Battery Charger

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The silent charger changes the structural layout and heat dissipation system design. The heating element is directly attached to the inner surface of the aluminum alloy shell, and the heat is directly transferred to the shell. The inside of the charger does not need to be air-cooled with large air volume, so the space layout is It is no longer necessary to reserve too much space for ventilation. At the same time, because the heat is directly transferred to the shell, the requirement for air-cooling air volume is reduced, and an external fan with a smaller air volume can be used, which greatly reduces the working noise. Moreover, there is no internal open air cooling, and the entire charger is sealed and waterproof.
This version is CN plug adapter, due to the different standards of each country, you may need the corresponding converter to use properly.

Product Name: Light-Bee Charger
Input: 200~240V AC
Output: 60V 10A
Color: As The Picture Shows
Weight: 1715g

Applicable Models:
For sur ron Light-Bee

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