TRX250 Cylinder Set With Piston Ring Gasket 68mm Motorcycle Top End Rebuild Kit For HONDA TRX250E STDBore ATV 12100-HN6-000

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We are offering a complete top end kit, 100% Brand New Replacement Cylinder kit.
Engineered and Tested to Meet or Exceed Original Equipment Standards and Performance.
This kit is designed specifically for the DIY (Do It Yourself) mechanic.
Piston rings are semi-nitrided, with excellent wear resistance, fatigue resistance, corrosion resistance and high temperature
Cylinder is a Cast Aluminum 68mm Standard Bore Replacement with Steel Sleeve.
Our Gaskets are all top quality and will keep a perfect seal between all of the components.
The cylinder is cleaned, bored and honed to the specific clearances for the piston you receive in the kit.
This kit includes a cylinder, piston, rings, wrist pin, circlips and top end gaskets.
Everything that you need to repair your top end is included in one easy purchase.
All of the components within this kit are bolt-on ready for a hassle free installation.

Type: TRX250 Cylinder Kit
Cylinder Bore: 68mm
Cylinder OEM NO.: 12100-HN6-000
Piston OEM NO.: 13101-HM8-A40
Wristpin OEM NO.: 13111-425-000
Circlips OEM NO.: 94601-15000
Ring Set(STD) OEM NO.: 13011-HM8-003
Cylinder Base Gasket OEM NO.: 12191-HM8-000
Cylinder Head Gasket OEM NO.: 12251-HN6-000

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